Detection & Recognition

Dilated convolutions are very effective in dense prediction problems such as semantic segmentation. In this work, we propose a new ResNet based convolutional neural network model using dilated convolutions and show that this model can achieve lower error rate for image classification than ResNet with reduction of the number of the parameters of the network by 94% ....and more

Behavior Analysis & Understanding

Human’s gaze information includes user’s idea and interest, so it is useful for drivers’ active safety system, marketing tools for digital signage and so on. In these situations, it is needed that everyone can use it instantly. So, there is a great demand for an easy and useful Gaze Estimation system....and more

Sports Video Analysis

Upper Body Pose Estimation for Team Sports Videos Using a Poselet-Regressor of Spine Pose and Body Orientation Classifiers Conditioned by the Spine Angle Prior

We propose a per-frame upper body pose estimation method for sports players captured in low-resolution team sports videos. Using the head-center-aligned upper body region appearance in each frame from the head tracker,...and more

Robot Intelligence

6D Object Pose Estimation using 3D Vector Pairs

This method is a stable 3D object detection that can be applied to complicated scenes consisting of randomly stacked industrial parts.The proposed method uses a 3D vector pair that consists of paired 3D vectors with a shared starting point....and more

Medical Systems

The CNN Based Spine and Cobb Angle Estimator from Moire Photography

Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) causes serious health problems when left untreated after accruing.In Japan, moiré photography image used in moiré screening system has been widely used as early stage detection of AIS....and more

Image Processing

Depth Image Enhancement Using Local Tangent Plane Approximations

We propose a depth image enhancement method for consumer RGB-D cameras. Most existing methods use the pixel-coordinates of the aligned color image. Because the image plane generally has no relationship to the measured surfaces, the global coordinate system is not suitable to handle their local geometries....and more