Human Media Sensing Technologies

Scope / Vision of Research

Many sensors are used around us for various purposes. Data obtained from the sensors are converted into various forms and used as information (media) relevant to supporting our daily lives. Until now, attempts to realize the efficient extraction of useful information through real-world sensing in accordance with the objective has focused on the research and development of information sensing technology. However, a more profound form of media sensing technology that considers people who utilize the information as well as the characteristics of the system and conditions is now expected.

At the Keio University Media Sensing Laboratory, diversified research is in progress: image sensing technology for the robust extraction, measurement, and recognition of significant information from images obtained from visual sensors (e.g., cameras); media comprehension and forecasting technology aimed atcomprehending complex, high-order events from the obtained sensory information; and an intelligent system that approaches human feelings, sensitivity, and thinking.

Rather than random academic pursuits, our aim is the creation of new concepts, technologies, and value throughout the development process from basic research to application; we strive to always remain conscious of the practical uses of image sensing technology while maintaining a strong connection with the real world.